Crypto back in Media: Bitcoin appears to be very much the mainstream media’s flavor of the week once again. The crypto asset will be prominently featured on US national television for two separate reasons in the coming days.

Firstly, there are the first broadcasts of the Grayscale Investments television advertising campaign to #DropGold in favor of crypto. The second is a “60 Minutes” report, broadcast on CBS News, about the digital asset.

You Can Count of Mainstream Media to Pour Gasoline on the Current Bitcoin Blaze

In case you missed it, Bitcoin is a hot topic once again. The price has been soaring of late and naturally, many people have renewed interest in the digital currency. There is no better evidence of this than the fact that the crypto asset will appear prominently on mainstream television twice this week in two completely unrelated instances.

As reported by NewsBTC last week, Grayscale Investments will broadcast an advertisement for its services that attempts to persuade viewers to #DropGold in favor of Bitcoin and crypto. The ad will air for the first time today and the firm Tweeted out which networks will be showing it earlier:



Excited to share that the #DropGold TV spot begins airing nationally TODAY during commercial breaks on:
– Comedy Central
– Fox Business
– Fox News
– FX
– Nat Geo
– Paramount
– Sundance

Can’t wait? #WatchNow via 

crypto back

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The advertisement focuses on the argument that Bitcoin is a better version of gold. It depicts decrepit bankers lugging around heavy, cumbersome bullion, whilst youngsters race through the streets with agility impossible to those burdened with gold. The argument it alludes to is that Bitcoin serves as a digital gold in that it is strictly limited in total supply and its issuance occurs at a known rate. Meanwhile, the crypto asset is easier and cheaper to transport, store, and divide than gold making it a clear choice in the 21st Century.

With names like NFL, National Geographic, Paramount, and Comedy Central making the list, there will be no shortage of eyes falling on the Grayscale advertisement in the coming days.

Perhaps more exciting, however, is the broadcasting of a “60 Minutes” special on CBS News on Sunday at 19:00 ET/PT. According to a post about the show, it will be presented by Anderson Cooper, a choice that resonated with some:

Charlie Shrem


It’s gonna be a great show, I’m really excited and enjoyed filming this. Impressed that @andersoncooper really understands Bitcoin

Barry Silbert


Rumor confirmed. Bitcoin coming to @60Minutes this weekend 

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The special also reportedly features the first-ever television interview with Laszlo Hanyecz, better known as the Bitcoin Pizza Guy. Hanyecz famously made the first commercial Bitcoin transaction – 10,000 Bitcoin in exchange for some pizzas. Typically, during an excerpt from the interview, Cooper is keen to remind his Hanyecz of the value of his pizzas using today’s Bitcoin price – $800 million.

Also featured in the report is a visit to a crypto asset mine in Iceland and the Federal Reserve in Washington D.C. Since it is being broadcast at 19:00 on a Sunday, Bitcoin should be showcased in a light that isn’t just focusing on money laundering and the dark web in an extended form. Hopefully, Cooper does the crypto space proud as Charlie Shrem and others suspect he might.



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